Her collar was literally killing her

posted on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 in News

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UPDATE (5/13/2021 11:50 a.m.)

Jeremy Bronigan of Des Moines was arrested and charged today with 1 count of animal neglect, related to the case of “Junie” below. He is currently in Polk County Jail with a $300 bond.

Jeremy Bronigan

ORIGINAL POST (5/12/2021 11:49 a.m.)

When an ARL Animal Services Officer responded to a call about a puppy in distress, she came across a dire situation: The young puppy’s collar was deeply embedded in her neck, nearly killing her.

The person responsible for Junie had never adjusted her collar as she grew, leaving it to dig deeper and deeper into her neck like a vise, causing severe infection and unimaginable pain.

Junie in Medical 1

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The situation was critical, and our ACO rushed the puppy to our Emergency Care Team. Within minutes of her arrival she was in our Miracle Medical Ward and under anesthesia. We cut her collar off, and what we saw was horrific: The gaping wound at Junie’s throat was 1.5 inches deep, less than half an inch away from her jugular.

If she hadn’t been rescued, she most certainly would have died.

Junie with Medical Staff

Our Emergency Care Team stayed late to clean and disinfect the wound. The smell of infection was overpowering, and Junie’s entire neck and face were swollen. We gave her pain medications and antibiotics and wrapped the wound so her body could start its healing process. It’s too early to tell, but it’s likely she’ll need surgery in the coming days. The area is extremely delicate, and we’re taking things day by day.

Junie didn’t deserve this. No animal does. She is so young and the pain she has already suffered for most of her life is unimaginable.

Junie in Medical 2

When you donate to the ARL’s Miracle Medical Fund today, you will be the miracle for Junie and others like her who arrive at the ARL neglected and in pain, and when you give monthly, you will ensure that we will always be there for pets who arrive suffering and in need.

Junie has a long road ahead of her and the investigation to hold those accountable for her suffering is still ongoing, but you can show her what it feels like to be pain-free, to be loved, and to be the carefree puppy she has never had the chance to be.

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Please make a donation today to give Junie a fresh start – the start to life she should have had all along.

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