Nearly 100 dogs rescued, most trapped inside mobile home

posted on Thursday, October 19, 2023 in News


It was just before midnight when the ARL Mobile Rescue Team arrived with a final load of dogs after responding to an urgent plea from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. 

Over the span of 12 hours our team had removed 96 dogs from a property, most rescued from an unoccupied trailer home that was absolutely horrific. There were feces and garbage everywhere, animals in isolation trying to survive and … extreme animal suffering.

When our team arrived at the property, we found dogs everywhere – all trapped, unable to escape. Some were shut in an underground storm cellar, some were shut in a barn, and more than 50 dogs were shut inside a feces and trash-filled mobile home. Some were even hiding inside the walls and in crawl spaces. It was clear that these dogs had experienced unimaginable suffering – both physically and mentally. They’d clearly had limited, if any, human interaction, and they were all beyond terrified of our rescuers.

While their days, months and years of inhumane confinement are over, they have a difficult path ahead. Our professionals will do everything we can to give these dogs the lives they’ve always deserved, but they are challenged beyond description. We need your support now.

1018_ carroll co

This rescue is just the latest in a string of emergency, large-scale rescues our team has assisted with in the past three months. The urgent calls just keep coming of dozens, even hundreds of animals that need the ARL, so your help is needed now more than ever – for the rescued animals in our care and to ensure our team of rescuers and caretakers will continue to be able to answer these urgent calls, no matter the situation.

Please give a gift of hope to help end animal suffering.


P.S.:  In addition to the 96 dogs, we also removed 4 ponies, 2 donkeys, and a steer from this property. The investigation is ongoing.