Our city, our animals

posted on Tuesday, October 3, 2023 in News

A new Des Moines Animal Services building is nearing completion, bringing expanded services to the pets and people of Des Moines and the surrounding community.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) partners with the city of Des Moines to provide animal control services within city limits and help pet owners with their animals. The new building at 1441 Harriet St., built by the city of Des Moines and operated by the ARL, will include an expanded pet resource center, an on-site adoption center, a medical suite, and an activity room.

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Our City, Our Animals

The new facility will all embrace the partnership between the ARL, the city, and the community to enhance the welfare of all animals. It takes the entire community to change lives and make a better world for pets and people, and the new facility will offer more opportunities to make an impact by adopting, volunteering, fostering and more. Programs like pet food pantries and pet vaccination clinics which help keep pets in homes with the people who love them will also be hosted at the new location.

The ARL’s hardworking and dedicated Animal Services division will operate out of the facility 365 days a year and provide a comprehensive array of support that goes well beyond the traditional notion of animal control, including helping animals in need, reuniting lost pets with their families, and protecting health and safety in the community.  

The facility will be open seven days a week in order to better meet the needs of the community, and its central location will make resources and education easily accessible.

Good for Pets, People and the Planet

The new Animal Services building is a “green building” built with energy efficiency in mind. It features a geothermal HVAC system and a solar field on the east side of the building. The back side of the facility also features native grasses and a walking trail for volunteers and dogs.

Inside, the cat community rooms will have large windows and an open, airy feel that provides an elevated environment with natural lighting.

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Facility Features

The new Animal Services building covers 21,900 square feet – more than three times the size of the current building. It will include 76 dog kennels and 134 cat kennels – a substantial increase from the current building which currently houses 40 dog kennels and 40 cat kennels. Kennels in one section of the building will house pets that are available for adoption and can be adopted directly from the facility. Kennels in another section will house lost pets until they can be reunited with their families or moved through the ARL’s adoption process so they can find new families.

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Help Serve Our Community

With the new facility comes exciting new opportunities to volunteer and work to help the pets in our community! The ARL is seeking team members and volunteers for a variety of roles, including in animal care, community outreach, dog walking, adoption counseling and more! You can learn about our job openings and volunteer roles on our website.