Over 500 Dogs Are Now Safe — Now They Need You

posted on Thursday, November 4, 2021 in News

Dog from puppy mill rescue

The ARL Mobile Rescue Team has arrived back in Des Moines after a multi-day rescue operation to remove more than 500 dogs from a commercial breeder at six locations in Iowa. The dogs were saved from horrific conditions at the hands of Daniel Gingerich, who has been accused of 190 violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The operation to save these dogs began weeks ago, and while they are finally safe, the hardest part is still ahead. Now they need YOU.

Temporary shelter at ISU

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The largest part of this massive operation came this week, with our ARL Mobile Rescue team on site for several days at multiple properties in southern Iowa removing dog after dog after dog from overcrowded kennels and carrying them each to clean crates so they could start the next chapter of their lives.

Our team worked from early morning into the evening each day to ensure every single dog was removed and would not have to endure one more day in the commercial breeding system.

Puppy at ISU temporary shelter

The dogs in our care are now safe in our temporary shelter, where they’re receiving veterinary care and are in clean, comfortable enclosures for what might be the first time in their lives.

And the numbers are growing.

Dog at ISU temporary shelter

Several mama dogs are currently in labor, and other puppies have already been born.

While the dogs are now out of harm’s way, in some ways their journey is just beginning. Your gift today will help provide the care these dogs need until they’re ready to find the loving homes they’ve never had but have always deserved.

Dog with puppies at ISU temporary shelter

Your one-time gift today will help these dogs right now and your monthly gift will help provide for these dogs’ immediate needs plus help us continue to provide care for those who will be with us for weeks, like our tiniest new arrivals and the dogs who need the most extensive medical care.

Please donate today to show these dogs and puppies that you are here for them today and every day. Your gift will show them that after all they’ve been through, there’s still hope. It will get better.

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