Provide Pet Oxygen Masks for Fire Departments

posted on Monday, January 11, 2021 in News

Help Pets in Crisis

ARL Mobile Response teams are often called to assist first responders when families with pets are impacted by devastating house or apartment fires. We provide pet supplies, temporary pet sheltering, veterinary services, and when needed, we also provide end of life services for pets who sadly don’t survive all at no cost to their families.

Donate to Help

In addition to helping the families, we also help the heroes on the front lines by providing FREE pet oxygen masks for local first responders so they have everything they need to save not only human lives, but to save pet family members as well.

These masks have already saved many pets right here in Iowa over the years, but we need your help to save even more!


Donate to Help

Our community is currently in need of nearly 50 more pet oxygen masks among 9 different departments to ensure they all have what they need to give pets a fighting chance.


Your donation today will also ensure that when families have already lost everything they have, they won’t have to worry about making sure their pets have everything they need.

We see an increase in fires this time of year, so your donation could immediately save lives. In times of crisis, our pets provide great comfort, so your support will change the lives of not only the pets in need, but also the lives of the families who love them.

P.S., You can help pets in crisis year-round by joining our Loyal Friends Club with a monthly donation! You'll not only save lives, you'll also automatically be enrolled for all of our rescue updates throughout the year and other great perks!