Puppy found injured and alone

posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2023 in News


At just 10 weeks old, little Churu was found in a field in a rural area with serious head wounds. Her head and neck were extremely swollen when she arrived. She hung her head, barely opening her eyes, too sick and painful to move.

We had no idea what had happened to her. We weren’t even sure she would make it. But we knew we had to give her a chance.


We immediately gave her antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and medications to ease her pain. We gave her subcutaneous fluids for dehydration and hand-fed her when she was too lethargic to eat. We gently bathed her and cleaned the maggots from her wounds. When we made her comfortable in a soft bed, she fell asleep immediately – too sick and exhausted to keep her eyes open another minute.


We never know when pets like Churu will arrive -- injured, with nowhere else to turn, and in need of a miracle. No animal deserves to be scared and in pain, but with your help we can give Churu and so many others a second chance.

Our Miracle Medical Fund was established for pets just like Churu – and the thousands of other pets who arrive at our doors needing medical care each year.

Your gift today will give healing and hope to this pup and all the pets in our care, and your monthly gift will ensure we will always be there to help the next animal who arrives in desperate need of help.

Give a gift of love today and be the miracle they need.

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