Puppy in Need of Urgent Surgery

posted on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 in News

Potato Header

When 12-week-old Potato arrived at the Animal Rescue League, it was obvious the little round puppy was in pain. He held one of his front legs out from his body at an odd angle, and his eyes looked tired and confused.

Potato 1

We carried him back to our surgery suite, where our veterinarian immediately gave him pain meds and stabilized his leg. X-rays showed a bad break near his elbow, right by the joint. This poor pup needs surgery now to repair his leg and allow him to walk normally again. He needs your help.

Donate to Help

When you donate to the ARL’s Miracle Medical Fund today, you will be the miracle for Potato and others like him who arrive at the ARL with urgent medical needs. If you choose to make a monthly gift, you’ll be helping Potato and countless pets like him who will arrive in the coming months. There will be so many, and we can’t do this alone.

Please give a gift of love today, for Potato, and for all pets who arrive at the ARL injured and in need of a second chance.