She arrived with a painful neck wound

posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 in News

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Little Spud is only 3 months old, but she has already been through so much.

She arrived at the Animal Rescue League in rough shape, with a long, gaping wound at her throat and another at the back of her neck. Something had been digging into her neck for an extended period of time and it was so tight it had cut into her muscle. The smell of infection was overpowering.

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From the condition and position of her wounds, it’s almost certain she had been suffering from an embedded collar. That means whoever was responsible for Spud had never adjusted her collar as she grew, leaving it to tighten and painfully cut into her neck.

Spud is now under the care of our Miracle Medical Team, where she is on pain medications and antibiotics, and her wounds are being treated. The injuries are deep and the area is very delicate. We’re taking things day by day. In this season of miracles, your support means everything to pets like Spud.

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When you donate to the ARL’s Miracle Medical Fund today, you will help make miracles happen for Spud and others like her who arrive at the ARL neglected and in pain. When you give monthly, you’ll ensure we can always be there for pets who arrive suffering and with nowhere else to turn.

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Spud didn’t deserve this, but your gift today will provide hope and healing and show her that miracles can... and do... happen.

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