She couldn't stop scratching

posted on Thursday, March 14, 2024 in News


When Dalila arrived at the ARL, it was clear she was in pain. Her skin was red and raw, and she was missing fur all over her body. She was covered in scabs from scratching intensely at her inflamed skin. She shied away when we tried to touch her.

Even as our team tried to help her, she continued to scratch open more wounds. She couldn’t stop. She was so desperate for relief from her pain that she was hurting herself even more.

Dalila was miserable. She needed help.


Our Miracle Medical Team immediately started Dalila on medication to ease her pain and treat her skin infection. We also gave her medicated baths to help her begin healing. Dalila was fearful, but she allowed our team to treat her.

Dalila is now making progress in her healing and we are starting to see her true personality come out. She is a sweet, gentle girl who now perks right up when people come to her kennel. 


Dalila will need several more weeks of healing before she is ready for a new home, and she may always need additional care to prevent skin problems. This sweet dog has already endured a lot, and you can help her continue to heal.  

Dalila is just one of 12,000+ animals expected to come through our doors this year, many of which will need extensive medical care just like her. Your donation today to our Miracle Medical Fund will provide hope for Dalila and pets like her who arrive hurting and in need of help. Your monthly gift will help ensure we are always able to be there for pets in need.


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