The season has begun

posted on Thursday, April 27, 2023 in News


Now is the season when we start seeing a big increase in calls asking for help with large-scale rescues all across the state.

We already received one … from 3 hours away in northwest Iowa. A trailer home was full of cats living in terrible conditions.


Our Mobile Rescue Team arrived to find the entire home filled several feet high with trash and debris. Everything was covered in grime, full fly strips hung from the ceiling, and the place reeked of urine and feces. More than a dozen cats were inside, some of which were already deceased.

The living cats needed help right away. Although our team could barely find places to walk inside the trailer, one by one we secured the cats in clean crates for their journey back to the ARL, where our medical team was waiting to give them immediate care.

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These cats are just the start of what we know are many more rescues to come.

Donate today to help us prepare for the busy rescue season ahead so we can continue to answer the call to help animals in need. We never know when these calls will arrive, how many animals will need help, and what condition we’ll find them in. But they deserve a second chance.

Whether you give a one-time gift or you choose to give monthly, your donation will be lifesaving. Please give now to keep our rescue program going and help us prepare for a busy rescue season to come.

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