Get Your Pet a Friend

posted on Monday, March 6, 2017 in Pet PSA

cat dog pett friends

Pets make wonderful additions to the family, and the love only grows when new pets are welcomed into the home. However, not all cats and dogs will get along at first sniff. Plus, there's a lot to consider logistically (daily costs, vet care, scheduling, etc). If you’re considering adding another set of paws to your household, you first need to take these thoughts into consideration:

Am I financially able to care for another animal?

Caring for one pet can be rather expensive. Expect to at least double your current animal-care spending with your new family member.

Do I have enough time to properly care for another animal?

All animals deserve lots of love and attention to keep them happy and healthy. Reflect on your daily schedule to decide if another pet would stretch you too thin.

Do I have enough space to properly care for another animal?

Animals need space to explore and play. It’s not a good idea to have several animals in a small apartment or house.

Does my current pet enjoy the company of other animals?

Just because you want another animal doesn’t mean your current pet does. If your pet is happier as the only pet in the house, don’t stress him out by adopting another animal. If you choose to add another pet to your family, be sure you introduce pets to one another slowly.

Once you’ve reflected and decided that you have the resources to properly care for another pet, head to the shelter to find your new family member!